Oadby House Flooring Showroom

Oadby House | Showroom Profile

Michael John Flooring is established as Leicestershire’s leading, independent flooring retailer. For over 70 years we have been at the heart of the community, providing the very best flooring products, designs and style to our valued customers. 

In recent years, Michael John Flooring has continued to develop and grow as a business and community asset. This includes the opening of several new luxury showrooms across the county, all of which possess a unique identity. 

This series of articles will help you get to know our various showrooms better and discover where your nearest Michael John Flooring showroom is located. 

First up, we’ll be taking an in-depth look into the Oadby House showroom, which opened its doors to customers in October 2018. 

Mark Lucas, Michael John Flooring, Director, described the whirlwind of the last few months, the philosophy that has helped integrate Oadby House into the local community and what the future has in store for Oadby House: 

“We’ve been really pleased with how the first six months of Oadby House have gone. It’s been an interesting and rewarding challenge that has seen the whole team work hard to help us integrate into the local community. Oadby is a really thriving town, with a busy high street, that plays host to lots of independent retailers. It was important for us to ensure that we engaged with the other local businesses and in-turn we’ve received an incredibly warm welcome in response. 

“Traditionally, the Oadby area has been a strong one for us, but the opening of the Oadby House showroom has helped us strengthen those foundations and allowed us to expand our reach further throughout Leicestershire. We’re now on the doorsteps of lots of new potential customers, that would have previously had to make a journey into the City centre or across the county to visit us in-store. 

“In terms of the showroom itself we were conscious all the way through development to ensure that customer experience was our top priority. This can be seen in the location of the store itself, with easy access from the high-street and several nearby car-parks. Our approach to dealing with customers is also focused heavily on ensuring our showroom is a no-pressure environment, where they are free to browse our products without hassle or pressure. From our own customer research, we’ve found that this is one of the main things likely to put customers off from visiting a carpet showroom and as such our staff don’t work on commission. We want customers to know that every time you enter a Michael John Flooring store, it will be a friendly welcome! 

“Across our stores we’ve also endeavoured to ensure that each of our locations is able to offer something unique to our customers. At Oadby House, we’re proud that Michael John Flooring is joined by the brilliant Sherwin Hall Kitchens and Maison Interiors, to provide a truly unique and comprehensive shopping experience. There’s been a very positive reaction to this partnership from customers, and the dynamic has worked extremely well from an operational standpoint as well. The synergy between the three brands ensures that customers can view a wide range of world-class household products, under one roof. 

“In terms of our flooring products, we’ve also got a selection of unique products that are only available to view at our Oadby House showroom. This includes the fantastic Woodpecker Wood Flooring brands, which has its own dedicated area of the store. Our products are always being updated, so it is worth a visit to our showroom anytime you are in the area. 

“It’s been an incredibly positive few months since we opened our doors, and I’d like to thank our wonderful staff for their continued dedication to make Oadby House a success, we’re very much looking forward to what the future has in store!”