Flooring Showroom Narborough Road

Narborough Road | Showroom Profile

Michael John Flooring is established as Leicestershire’s leading, independent flooring retailer. For over 70 years we have been at the heart of the community, providing the very best flooring products, designs and style to our valued customers. 

In this series of articles, we’ll be highlighting the Michael John Flooring luxury showrooms that are located across the county. Each showroom possesses its own unique identity and characteristics and we’ll be taking a look into what makes each of the stores ‘tick’ and the important role that they play as part of the Michael John Flooring group. 

David Preston, Partner at Michael John Flooring, has worked at business for 25 years and provides a fascinating insight into the growth of the business, how the flooring industry has continued to evolve and what the future holds:

“It’s certainly been an incredible journey for us over the last few years. The growth of the business has been fantastic to be a part of and everyone is really enthused about how we’re going to keep replicating our success in a challenging but rewarding climate. 

“One of the unique aspects of the flooring industry is that our customers are not usually ‘recurring’ in the same way that market sectors such as retail might enjoy. However, one of the key philosophies that we’ve always abided by here at Michael John Flooring is to make sure that we’re at the heart of the community, and I truly believe staying connected in the local area has helped us to keep progressing. 

“The Narborough Road showroom is very much at the cornerstone of that philosophy of community, and for over 70 years the showroom it has provided us with an active presence, and a fantastic platform, in the heart of the fantastic city. The products, manufacturers and even staff may have changed over the years, but we’re still absolutely committed to delivering the very best service for our customers. 

“As we stand here today, we’re incredibly proud of the transformation that our showroom here at Narborough Road has undergone. As our customers will know, the showroom is split into two buildings opposite each other. Both parts of the showroom have their own unique identity, including exclusive products and manufacturer ranges. We also have an in-house ‘Amtico Design Centre’, which provides a truly revolutionary, digital perspective for our customers who are looking to find the perfect flooring to fit their requirements. You’ll also find our newly established Roger Oates section within the showroom, whereby you can browse a collection of simply stunning designs. 

“The flooring industry as a whole undoubtedly continues to face significant challenges in terms of innovation. It’s no secret that we’re incredibly passionate about driving change and improvements within the industry and we hope that the internal journey we’ve been on in recent times, highlights the exciting future for the industry as a whole, Michael John Flooring and most importantly, our customers.”