Roger Oates

Curated Pinterest Boards – Fun Runners!

At Michael-John, we’re big fans of Pinterest. It’s a great platform for sharing your vision, finding inspiration, and organising your ideas. We keep our Pinterest profile up to date with our latest floors and the design styles that they’ll work well with.

We’re focused on finding the perfect floor for your home, which is why we have an instore interior design team who have been creating curated boards for our Pinterest page. The latest addition is the ‘Fun…Runners!’ board. Do you want to brighten up your staircase? Would you like to make a feature of it? Do you have a taste for something a bit quirky or eye-catching? This is the board for you. Our design team have put together a collection of exciting and unusual staircase carpets to intrigue and inspire you.

If you want to share your boards with us, we’ll use them to help you find the floor for you. We can view them instore either on your device or ours. Head over to Pinterest to see the Fun…Runners! board: https://uk.pinterest.com/leicesterfloors/fun-runners/