Commercial Flooring

Commercial Flooring? It's a flawless business move…

Investing in a good-looking, high-quality floor has many benefits for a businesses.

When undergoing a new office or business refurbishment, it might be easy to think that flooring isn’t important. Sure, you can go with the standard, grey speckled look that can easily hide years’ worth coffee stains – but did you stop think about how practical your flooring could be? In the right circumstances, selecting the correct commercial flooring can actually benefit your employees and make your working environment generally more pleasant.

We have improved a wide range businesses across Leicestershire with our versatile flooring options which cater for a variety of ever changing criteria, particularly centred around health and safety. Many of our floors offer resistance to slipping and stains, while we are finding more and more companies who have employees standing for long hours of the day are opting for anti-fatigue flooring.

Investing in a good-looking, high-quality floor has many other benefits to businesses, for example, within the retail sector a well selected floor can improve the look and feel of a showroom, helping to strengthen the company image, while in healthcare buildings (such as hospitals and doctors surgeries) it can actually assist with creating a calming environment and even relax the patients.

If you’d like to discuss your commercial flooring needs, don’t hesitate to pop into one of our Leicestershire showrooms to speak to one of our flooring experts and even see some of our ranges for yourself.