Caring for your wood flooring


When using your wood floors, you primarily wear the surface layer, not the wood itself. Your wood floors therefore need good surface protection against wear, tear, scratches and stains, in order to look good for a long time. 

Additional tips to maintain and prolong the beauty of your floor

  • Use furniture pads to minimise scratches.
  • Use protective castor cups to help prevent floor damage from sofas, chairs and beds castor wheels.
  • Use a good door mat at any external entrances, to reduce the risk of wet shoes or dirt coming in.
  • Wipe up spills immediately, surface treatments will help to protect your floor initially, but if a liquid is left to soak into the wood it can cause serious damage.

Cleaning Wood Floors 

Cleaning both lacquered and hard-wax oiled wood floors is relatively easy. Vacuuming or cleaning your wooden floor with a dry mop is all that is needed. A flat headed floor mop is perfect for this. It has a comfortable design with a telescopic handle, a microfibre cloth and a velcro fastener.

Sometimes you may need a little liquid to remove dirt and stains. But be careful not to use too much water.