Hall, Stairs & Landing Carpet


Halls, Stairs and Landings are often the most used area of our homes, with the highest volume of daily traffic and therefore need something more hardwearing when it comes to flooring. 

Wool carpets can be an excellent choice for stairs and landings as they have natural, in-built resilience in the fibres. Most hallways, especially downstairs, can be subjected daily to water and mud from dirty shoes. Consequently, you’ll want to avoid light carpets much more likely to become stained.

The hallway is usually the first room you enter, so it’s the perfect place to make a statement; a colourful or bold runner down the centre of the Stairs with Stairrods can make a great feature.


  • Quiet
  • Comfortable
  • Warm
  • Easy to maintain

Things to consider 

  • Durability
  • Fibre options
  • Ease of cleaning