Conditions of sale

Installation costs are included in the prices quoted. An additional cost will be made for individual rooms under 20m2, hall / stairs & landing areas, w/c’s and complex areas including cupboards.

It is expected that the areas to be installed will be clear of the old floor coverings, furniture and prepared ready to receive the new floor covering.

If requested by the consumer, Michael John Flooring will carry out these tasks, including the uplifting, removal & disposal of the original flooring and an additional charge will be made. With fully bonded flooring, this cost may be subject to change on the day of the uplift, as it is not always possible to establish the amount of time required until the work has commenced.

The position of the wiring and pipes must be drawn to the attention of the installer. Michael John Flooring cannot be held responsible for the accidental damage to the pipe work or cables as a consequence of a failure on the customer's part in this respect.

It is assumed that all sub-floors will be dry, sound & ready to receive new flooring. Unforeseen sub-floor issues can occur despite measuring & surveying, especially where a clear assessment of the sub floor is not achievable due to existing floor coverings being in place. All costs are potentially subject to change after uplifting of existing floor coverings post initial quotation. If Additional materials and labour is required our installation team will advise the customer prior to carrying out any additional work, and a quotation for such required work will be provided for approval and payment.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, installation dates can be subject to change. Installation timescales are a guide only, there are site issues that can arise that can alter these timescales, including staff illness, we will not accept penalties in these events.

Cancelled fitting dates by the customer with less than 48 hours' notice will incur a charge, please speak to a member of staff regarding charges.

Orders must be fitted and completed within 90 days of placing the order unless agreed otherwise. If orders fail to complete within 90 days, Michael John Flooring reserves the right to invoice and demand payments in full and to charge for storage of goods at £25 per week beyond the 90 days (invoiced monthly).

Photographs of the flooring and surrounding area may be taken for promotional purposes within your home. If you would prefer your home didn’t feature in Michael John Flooring and associated companies marketing material, please state prior to fitting.

Staircases and wooden subfloor:
We cannot be responsible for staircase or wooden subfloor squeaks or bounce post installation and it is the customer's responsibility to check the condition and get a qualified carpenter to attend to any issues or concerns they may have prior to our installation.

Door / Plinths:
Should doors or kitchen plinths require cutting to accommodate new flooring we advise that the consumer arranges for them to be cut prior to installation. Michael John Flooring can arrange for doors or plinths to be cut at an additional charge, but cannot accept responsibility for any chipping of paint or veneers, as no amount of care by the operative can avoid this in certain circumstances.

Every installation will be done with the greatest of care by our installers, however due to the finish of many paints/wallpapers and the difficulty of handling flooring, sometimes décor may require attention after fitting, we cannot accept responsibility for this or any associated costs.

We strongly advise that all appliances are disconnected and removed prior to installation. We can move these items for an additional cost, but due to the complexity of these devices Michael John Flooring cannot accept responsibility for any damage caused by moving, disconnecting or reconnecting such appliances. i.e. Kitchen appliances, TV’s, Hi-Fi’s, home cinemas, computers etc.

Due to a number of variables, carpets may “relax” in the first few weeks following installation and may require a re-stretch, which will be carried out at no additional cost. We give a one year guarantee on all installation work.

Payments / Title of goods/ cancellations:
We kindly request that all orders are paid for in full at the time of ordering. However, on certain circumstances such as long manufacturing dates, we can accept a minimum deposit of 50% which will be taken at the time of placing an order. 

Once the goods arrive into our warehousing facilities, our installation department will contact you to arrange a fitting date for you and request the balance outstanding is paid in full so we can confirm the installation date.

You can pay by bank transfer/ credit card / debit card. Please note that the installation date will not be guaranteed or confirmed until the full payment has been made and Title of goods will not pass until payment is made in full.Orders cancelled must be advised in writing and may incur cancellation charges. Michael John Flooring adhere to the O.F.T. code of practice and deposit protection scheme, please speak to a member of staff for details.

Product Related Info:
All carpet measurements are subject to a tolerance of + or - 1.25% in accordance with BS3665.

Shading, Tracking, Pilling and Berber effects are related to various types of carpeting, for more details please ask in store.

All carpets may show shading / pile reversal especially synthetic products as this is the nature of this style - this is not a manufacturing fault. Occasionally you may see a line running across a newly installed carpet, approximately 30 c.m. in from a wall - this line is not a seam or a fault, it’s known as a ‘pole mark’, which is a result of the carpet being wrapped tightly around a cardboard tube for shipping. Thankfully the mark will disappear as the carpet becomes acclimatised and is vacuumed. Extra attention to this area during vacuuming will speed up the process. Please ask a member of staff regarding maintenance and advice on this matter.

Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are hard wearing but are not scratch proof. Reasonable care should be taken to prevent scratching, use matting at doorways and apply felt pads to all furniture. Please ask a member of staff regarding maintenance and advice on this matter.

All clearance & remnant goods are sold @ discounted prices & do not qualify for manufacturers standard guarantees. It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect these products prior to fitting as we cannot entertain any complaints after the carpet has been installed.

Complaints Procedure:
In the unlikely event that you have a complaint we are here to assist you. We would require you to make a member of staff aware as soon as possible and we will endeavor to deal with you concerns in a timely efficient manner to find a resolution. Should a carpet complaint not be resolved to your full satisfaction we are members of the Carpet Foundation and abide by their code of practice. Should you require their support this will offer you an independent arbitration service.

For hard flooring complaints as a consumer, you have the option of contacting an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) local entity regarding a dispute which you have been unable to settle directly with Michael John Flooring.

We always look to resolve any complaints but will not accept claims for compensation.