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Tuesday, 01 January 2019 09:08

Top 3 Flooring trends for 2019

At Michael John Flooring we’ve been at the heart of the Leicestershire community for over 70 years and are established as the premier independent flooring retailer in the County. This article features our expert team providing their opinion on the hottest flooring trends for 2019.

LVT Flooring: This isn’t a new trend, but LVT Flooring continues to be extremely popular throughout the UK. The flexibility of LVT Flooring, which delivers a stylish look whilst also providing durability, ensures it will continue to be a firm favourite in 2019. In addition, Tile flooring was the only viable waterproof flooring option for consumers. However, as the market has expanded, manufacturers are now providing a wider variety of options, including LVT Flooring, making it ideal for homeowners, families and pet owners.

Environmentally Friendly Flooring: We predict that in 2019, consumers will be looking for more than just style and comfort in their flooring choices. A focus on environmentally friendly flooring is inevitable and 2019 will see more manufacturers looking to provide natural, renewable, recyclable and home-grown materials. At Michael John Flooring we have long been committed to providing sustainable flooring options, which you can read more about in this article.

Wood Flooring: More generally, wood flooring has an increasing plethora of benefits for consumers who are in two minds about which type of flooring they would like to have in their home. Quality wood flooring lasts for decades, and with a minimal maintenance programme, wood flooring actually looks better as the years go by. Wood flooring has a timeless appeal and we predict that it will continue to perform strongly in 2019.

Simon Manley, Managing Director, Michael John Flooring, said: “We’re really excited about what 2019 has in store for Michael John Flooring. We are committed to providing the very best flooring solutions to our customers and with our newly opened showroom, Oadby House, we now have an opportunity to reach more people than ever before.

“A key part of our business is ensuring our team are on top of the latest trends in the industry, and we look forward to seeing if our predictions come true in 2019!”